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The Freedom and Benefits of BYOD

Posted by Daniel Gaston on July 6, 2016 10:08 am

The Freedom and Benefits of BYOD

With the rapid increase of personalized technology use, a phenomenon is occurring in the workplace that is changing the way people work. This is BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device,” a policy that permits employees to use their personal computing devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, to access company information and applications. BYOD is growing in popularity because it provides multiple benefits to businesses and freedom to users. RapidScale can help companies implement this policy while still having confidence in the security of private information.

We offer solutions that enable you to introduce BYOD efficiently and securely in your business. Our Virtual Desktop Solutions, CloudDesktop and CloudOffice, are perfect for companies that want to embrace this new way of working. Here are the benefits of BYOD:


Though the use of personal devices used to be seen as a distraction in the workplace, the mindset regarding this topic is beginning to change. In many cases, BYOD is actually boosting the productivity of businesses and their employees. A recent study found that 93% of employees find BYOD to be beneficial to both employees and employers, while 53% of business decision makers acknowledged the fact that it leads to more productive employees. The flexibility that BYOD provides allows users to access the business applications and data they need from anywhere, on the personal device of their choosing. This means your employees can continue working even when they need to be away from the office. This allows your business to take advantage of new opportunities because your employees don’t need to be tied to their office desk. They can work just as easily from across the city, or even from across the world. This is a luxury that wasn’t possible before.

Cost Savings

Traditional computing solutions cost a lot of money. It’s just a fact. Purchasing the hardware for your employees to work, as well as the power to run it all, is expensive. And on top of that, the lifespan of this hardware is short. It quickly becomes obsolete and then you’re facing the costs of replacing this equipment. When your employees are able to use their own devices, costs shift from the company to the users. Users tend to update the devices they use more frequently, so many of your employees will be working on the latest technology that they are paying for, rather than you. This is an amazing solution for businesses that need to cut spending, but don’t want to risk the quality of their business operations.


The whole point of BYOD is flexibility. This idea makes many organizations nervous, as they fear for the safety of their data. To successfully implement BYOD, your organization needs to find a balance between a flexible solution and one that provides enough security. Much of this balance lies in communication and planning. Create clear policies regarding BYOD that fit your business and then educate your employees. If you include them in the process, allow them to ask questions, and emphasize the importance of and reasoning behind these policies, you will eliminate many of the problems up front. Give them tips for using their personal devices: don’t use common passwords; remember that visiting certain websites makes your system more vulnerable. And then enforce the policies. While you don’t want to be too strict with your employees, you need them to take this seriously. This applies to everyone in your organization – even the executives. If you begin implementing BYOD with these policies in place right from the start, you will see success.

And with a provider like us, your security is even stronger. We offer enterprise-grade encryption for your data so your information is safe at all times. Your users will need to enter login information to access their programs and data. If a device ends up in the wrong hands, you can wipe the information and maintain control at all times. We can help you ease your worries about BYOD.

Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees do better work. It’s as simple as that. When your employees are allowed to work on personal devices, they are more comfortable. They become experts in using that device, allowing them to be more productive when they complete work. BYOD improves employee satisfaction, resulting in a more favor- able perception of your business. Your employees will have a say in how they work. This personalization empowers your users and uses their strengths to better your business.


Running a business requires constant collaboration. Employees work off of the ideas of their coworkers, and this collaboration produces bigger and better ideas. But how does collaboration work when your employees need to be away from the office? That’s where BYOD comes in. When your users are able to access their information freely, on devices they are experts at using, the communication never has to stop. They can continue working on collaborative projects, even when they can’t be in the same room as their coworkers. It’s easier than ever to access shared documents on personal devices, allowing your users to be more efficient in working with others. This constant communication between your employees is essential in making your business the best it can be, and BYOD can help with this. Continue the conversation from anywhere. Let your company thrive. Choose BYOD to experience exceptional and easy access to your information so the discussion can continue from anywhere.


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